2017 2nd Annual Fight Against Brain Tumors Walk

Nov 11
Hosted by:National Brain Tumor Soci...
November 11, 2017 at 10:00am to
Kirolli Park map 820 Kiroli Rd West Monroe, LA 71291
Goal: $3,000
$1,164 4 39% Complete

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* Online Registration for the Fight Against Brain Tumors Walk is closed; however, there will be the ability to register and purchase tickets on site the morning of the event. Please arrive at the walk early to purchase your tickets. 

Fight Against Brain Tumors Walk

Welcome to the second annual Fight Against Brain Tumors Walk! While more details on the way, this event will have food, great music, a jumper for the kids, and more! Bring your friends and family! All event proceeds go to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society.

It’s amazing to reminiscence on the days of living life as if I was invincible. I had such a safe haven outlook until I ignored the reoccurrence of headaches for two years. Mentally I was superior to any detrimental conditions and although my mother has two brain tumors and underwent surgery in 1991 the thought of me inheriting this genetic disorder was an absurd notion. During my last semester at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the minor headaches developed into massive reoccurring encounters and over the counter pain medicines became an inadequate form of treatment.
In 2007 I struggled to find my balance, my hearing was deteriorating, and my eyesight became blurry. After visiting a specialist, it was brought to my attention that I was experiencing a neurological problem. Wow! There I was a single 28-year single parent being informed that I must stop driving. How was I to get my daughter transport around? How was I going to begin my career? Why is this happening? There were a series of questions that made thinking unbearable but with encouragement from my family, I decided to go have an MRI completed. My sister delivered the news in a few days. I had a brain tumor.
A local neurologist stated he lacked the experience to operate on a brain tumor of that magnitude and ironically referred to my mom’s neurosurgeon at LSU Shreveport, who started his practice in 1990. The diagnosis was Neurofibromatosis Type 2, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissues; therefore, I underwent two procedures. On November 5, 2007, my tumor was removed and on November 23, 2007, I had a VP Shunt placed on the right side of my brain to drain the fluid that was triggering my sight lost. 
Today I am still being monitored but I feel good. I am now mindful to never take health for granted and never ask, why me?


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